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Podcast: “Veganism isn’t ableist” – Geertrui Cazaux (Think Like a Vegan)

I did a podcast in the series of Think Like a Vegan about veganism and ableism. Thanks Emilia Leese (co-author of the book Think Like A Vegan) for giving me a platform to speak about these issues!

Veganism is sometimes accused (by both able-bodied as disabled persons) of being ableist and consequently also dismissed altogether by pointing to the fact that ‘not everyone can be vegan, due to disability or chronic disease’. I examine this accusation, and focus on two issues that are central to this argument: dietary aspects of veganism (plantbased eating) and the use of medication.

More info and link to the podcast is HERE (with transcript)

Text: Episode Seven: Veganism isn't ableist with Geertrui Cazaux
Photo of Geertrui wearing red glasses, looking into camera against dark background with "episode seven" written in yellow letters; "with Geertrui Cazaux, written in white letters

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