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Interconnected oppressions: fishing industry

➡️➡️ Interconnected oppressions.
The fishing industry involves the violation of animal rights AND human rights. The exploitation of the animals and their ecosystems goes hand in hand with the exploitation of workers.

Screenshot of newspaper article. Titel:
Migrant workers 'exploited and beaten' on UK fishing boats

Report tells of 20-hour shifts for £3.50 an hour, racism and sexual abuse under cover of transit visa loophole.
PHOTO: two fishers fully covered in fishersuits, working at the back of a boat in sea, nets hanging overboard

Fishing off Scotland. Migrant fishers on transit visas cannot enter the UK, so must live on the boats. Photograph: Keith Lloyd Davenport/Alamy 

words TOTAL LIBERATION written across photo
ID incl – total liberation – added to screenshot

Unfortunately, the article doesn’t make this link. Nor is the link often made in animal rights circles.
A single-issue focus will not bring down the system, and oppression will continue.

We need to work hand in hand to fight this system of oppression.
We need a unified front against injustice.
We need total liberation.


#systemofoppressions #totalliberation

Originally published on FB of Crip Humanimal on June 2022.

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