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International Women’s Day and animal rights activism

I had planned to make an elaborate post about International Women’s day, but helas, living in #criptime forced me to adjust my plans. One of the most frustrating things about being #chronicallyill

Here are some of the things I wanted to address:

➡➡ How the animal rights and vegan movement largely consists of women, but it are often men who are at the forefront or deemed the ‘leaders’ of the movement.

➡➡ How women are so often overlooked when ‘the history’ of the movement is presented. No, the modern animal rights movement didn’t ‘start’ with Peter Singer and Tom Regan, and the word ‘vegan’ wasn’t solely the making of a man.

➡➡ How BIPOC women, disabled women, chronically ill women and others from other oppressed groups are even more ignored, overlooked or even silenced.

➡➡ About #metooAR #ARmetoo
How there is still so much sexism in the movement and abuse of women it swept under the carpet as being “all for the animals”

➡➡ How speciesism, ableism, sexism and racism operate in tandem under this patriarchal colonial system.

If our animal rights or vegan activism isn’t inclusive and diverse, we will never achieve total liberation.

For all sisters ✊🏽👊🧡🐾

Cartoon like drawing - person lying exhausted on couch, covered by blanket, bra on the ground, open pot of chocolate on the ground. text reads: "getting in after a long day fighting the patriarchy"
Getting in after a long day fighting the patriarchy [alt txt incl]

Image from Sisterhood Illustration – with permission

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