This also happens in vegan circles. 😒
Shaming people for taking medication.
‘If you would just eat healthier! I would never take medication! …. ‘

➡️ Yes, diet does play a role for health. But it is no cure all.
➡️ And yes, the pharmaceutical industry is a profit driven industry.
➡️ And yes medication is tested on animals. All medical and pharmaceutical knowledge is based on – in some point in the past – unethical experiments on humans and other animals. We cannot undo those experiments and tests. We CAN fight to prevent such unethical tests in the future.

Some people need medication to live and even survive.
Remember ‘as far as is possible and practicable” in the definition of veganism.

“I can guarantee someone in your circle is benefiting from that “poison you would never come near.” And I guarantee you’re making them feel like shit because you’re coming from a place of health privilege.”


[ID: screenshot of article on Photo with differently bright coloured pills on surface. Text underneath: The Privilege of Being ‘Against’ Mental Health Medication]

Geertrui Cazaux (Trudi). Vegan. Gardener. Wife. Disabled. Writer. Activist. Caretaker. Ex-academic. °1970. Belgium. Vegetarian since mid '90's and vegan since 2010. My main motive has always been the ethical perspective, although I am also inspired by the environmental and health aspects. Writing about veganism, animal rights and ableism on,, and

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