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I would also like to stay at home like you

Many chronically ill people live in near social isolation, year in, year out. Simply because they do not have the energy to participate in social, cultural and professional activities.

With #lockdown measures for #COVID19 taking effect in many countries, I’m already seeing comments from healthy people who are starting to get ‘bored’ because they have to stay at home.
➡️➡️ ‘We can’t do anything anymore. ‘We can’t go anywhere’ ‘What are we supposed to do for 3 weeks?’ ‘We’re locked up’.

Having to stay at home, missing social contact, not being able to participate in social activities: it’s indeed not easy.
But (hopefully) in a couple of weeks, or months the isolation and quarantine measures will be over and ‘normal’ life will resume again.

➡️ Please consider this next time you think of saying ‘I would also like stay at home like you’ to a chronically ill person. (and yes, I’ve had that said to me on several occassions).

The social isolation now experienced by those in quarantine pretty much comes down to ‘normal life’ for many people with chronic diseases.
And that’s not even considering the pain and fatigue that many people with a chronic disease also have to deal with on a daily basis.

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Geertrui Cazaux (Trudi). Vegan. Gardener. Wife. Disabled. Writer. Activist. Caretaker. Ex-academic. °1970. Belgium. Vegetarian since mid '90's and vegan since 2010. My main motive has always been the ethical perspective, although I am also inspired by the environmental and health aspects. Writing about veganism, animal rights and ableism on,, and

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