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The ‘cuteness’ of a deaf puppy responding to sign language of a deaf man

Story on Goodmorning America about a deaf man who adopted a deaf labrador puppy.

Nick Abbott, 31, of Maine, was born deaf and adopted a dog named Emerson, who is also deaf. Photo from Goodmorning America website [ID: close up photo of person looking into camera, short beard, wearing bonnet, black labrador pup looking sideways]
“Richelle Abbott, a mother of two, said Nick has been teaching Emerson sign language to sit, lay down and come.

“If Nick reaches up and shakes his ear lobe, Emerson will bark — it’s so cute,” she added.”

Is this inspiration porn? 🤔
Why is it considered ‘cute’ when a dog responds to sign language?

See also: Are disabled animals fetishized on social media?

(also instead of owner in the first sentence of the article, it should be caretaker or human companion)

LINK: Deaf man adopts deaf rescue puppy and teaches him sign language, Good Morning America, April 30, 2019.


1 comment on “The ‘cuteness’ of a deaf puppy responding to sign language of a deaf man

  1. Ria Del Montana

    Check out Yi Fu Tuan’s “Dominance and Affection: The Making of Pets”


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