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New vet clinic celebrates opening with roast pig cutting ceremony

What a contrast.
A place where animals come to be cured and treated, celebrates its opening with the death and serving of two healthy animals.
The opening of the new vet clinic at the City University of Hong Kong, was celebrated with a traditional roast pig cutting ceremony.  Such a ceremony is “regarded as a traditional ritual in Hong Kong when a new building has been completed” issued the University in a press release.

Pig roast and cutting ceremony for the opening of the vet school. [ID: several standing men in suit smiling and applauding, looking at the camera, as two men nearest the camera hold a knife into the body of a roasted pig, who is flat on a table with bright red table cloth, the pig has ornaments on and in between her ears, and another pig’s body on a table on the right]

The event sparked critical feedback from animal rights activists, as the photo went viral over social media.
The City University of Hong Kong has urged all departments to stop traditional roast pig-cutting ceremonies at special events after the criticism.

I also hope they will not be serving animals in the vet clinic’s cafetaria.

Roast pig-cutting ceremony at Hong Kong City University’s new vet clinic draws ire from activists who say it has killed animals before curing any, South China Morning Post, April 12, 2019.

The photo of the roast pig citting ceremony was included in this post on the City University of Hong Kong FB page, but has meanwhile been deleted.

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