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Justice is indivisible

I just saw this in one of the local vegan groups. I don’t know where to begin really, but this is a start:

☘️☘️”Animals cannot protest speciesism”. ☘️☘️
Yes they can. And they do resist their oppression. Take a look at the many examples of #animalresistance. Saying that they don’t ignores their agency and reeks of human saviourism.

☘️☘️ Women protest sexism. Blacks protest racism. etc .☘️☘️
Not only the oppressed groups protest discrimination and injustice, but everyone who is against injustice does or should, as allies to end oppression of all. In similar vein, we are allies to the animals in their fight against their opppression. We are all fighting to end injustice in the world.

☘️☘️ Keep the fight for animal justice pure ☘️☘️
This has nothing to do with ‘purity’. The fight for animal rights has always been intertwined with human rights. Saying otherwise is a step away from the principles and ideology on which the animal advocacy movement is founded.

➡️➡️ Whoever made this totally misses the fact that all oppressions are connected and justice is indivisible.
This division and single-issue focus actually leads to NO justice for animals at all.
No one is free until all are free.

[ID: poster, black text white background. I have added two red stripes across the text and the word no in front of Animal Justice]
Women protest Sexism
Blacks Protest Racism
Gays protest Heterosexism
Disabled protest Ableism
Elederly protest Ageism
Then they go home and Eat Animals
Animals cannot protest speciesism.
Keep the fight for animal justice pure.
There is no room for intersectional vegans.
Fight your personal fight somewhere else!!!!!!
Justice for Animals (I added a NO in front of it]

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