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Navigating Activism As a Vegan With Disabilities, Kathy Divine, VegfestUK 2020

Kathy Divine gave an online presentation at Vegfest UK Summertalks, 2020: Navigating Activism As a Vegan With Disabilities

This talk covers some of the issues vegans with disabilities face when attempting to navigate the activism world. It includes suggestions and solutions to make activism more accessible to disabled people.

Thanks for mentioning Crip Humanimal Kathy 🙂

VIDEO (with automatic generated subtitles). [ID: image of Kathy speaking, looking into camera, white wall and window background]


About Kathy Divine (taken from the VegfestUK website):

Kathy Divine is the author of six books, founder of the magazine Australian Vegans Journal and the Plant-Powered Women Leadership Conference Series, mentor to first-time authors, a qualified dog massage therapist and an aspiring animal naturopath.

The concept of ethical vegan leadership as the solution to world peace inspires and drives her work, and she uses publishing as a way to broadcast this vision into the world. Kathy did a speech at the Inaugural World Vegan Day lunch in 2017 at Parliament House Canberra, Australia, about vegan women in leadership.

In addition to being an animal lover and animal rights advocate, Kathy is a strong advocate for people with disabilities. Determined to contribute a little something to the betterment of the world, despite juggling multiple medical conditions and disabilities, Kathy understands the complexities of having disabilities and aims to bring awareness, encourage acceptance and offer solutions, whenever possible. Her main project around these themes is ‘Ask The Aspie’, and can be found on Instagram and YouTube. Kathy spoke at the Sydney Disability Expo in 2019 about Asperger’s Syndrome. She was also featured in Marie Claire on this topic.

When Kathy isn’t nerding it out as a publisher and author coach, you will find her either with her dog massage clients (dogs love massage!), studying animal naturopathy or hanging out with her equally nerdy, introverted friends eating every variation of a potato dish.

website: https://kathydivine.com/

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