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On Depression and Animality, Eva Meijer in Humanimalia

Very interesting article by Eva Meijer in the latest number of the online journal Humanimalia.

Eva Meijer, The Melancholic Animal — On Depression and Animality, Humanimalia, Volume 11, Number 1, Fall 2019.

The article is available online on the Humanimalia website (LINK). Humanimalia is a journal of human/animal interface studies.

Abstract from the Humanimalia website:

The phenomenon of depression fundamentally challenges common western ideas about what it means to be human, such as Cartesian distinctions between body and mind, and existing notions of rationality, autonomy and agency. Like madness more generally, melancholy and depression are historically shaped constructions, which interconnect at several points with constructions of animality. Focusing on these connections is helpful for rethinking depression in the human case, and for understanding nonhuman animal depression. Other animals are often neglected in studies of depression, even though they may suffer from it too and human and animal depressions are often related, symbolically and in different practices. Examining the psycho-geographical dimensions of depression in connection to animality can contribute to a different discourse, aimed at interspecies healing.

Polar Bear Gus, at Central Park Zoo, who was labelled ‘depressed’ [ID: white bear with head over front paws, stretched out over black rocks, some green folliage in background]

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