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How do you look for your age?

Video raising awareness about ageism:

Image preview: Young appearing woman, with long black hair over her right shoulder, purple blouse, looking sideways towards camera. Text (in white letters on black background next to her reads: SHE LOOKS GREAT FOR HER AGE” Top left reads: SP Why you should stop giving this compliment

Video is from Soulpancake:

Caption on YouTube:
“We partnered with our friends at AARP to explore this phrase, “She looks great for her age.” How many times have you heard someone say this? Have you ever said something like this? When people justify a compliment with the words “for her age,” no one bats and eyelash. But, if you heard someone justify a compliment by saying, “…for an asian” or “…for a thick girl,” it would sound pretty offensive. So, we wanted to talk with some women who might not have realized they were making these kinds of comments about the women in their own lives.”

Video has English subtitles.

Screenshot from video:

Image: Young appearing person, with blue blouse and jeans, sitting on chair, looking at big screen. On screen is a photo from Jennifer Aniston. Subtitles ‘ beautiful for her age’.

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