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Médecins Sans Frontières about white saviourism

They may be late, but they are now acknowledging it and plan to do better! 👍
Médecins Sans Frontières / MSF Doctors without borders about the #whitesaviour trope and anti-racisme.

Note: there are parallels between white saviourism and #humansaviourism in animal advocacy. See the presentation I gave at the International Animal Rights Conference in Luxembourg in 2021: About animal resistance and human saviourism.

— Posted this originally on FB page and IG page of Crip Humanimal on December 8 2022.

screenshot from the video of MSF, shows two person, on left black appearing man, on right white appearing woman, subtitle reads: racists stereotypes. Title: Anti-racism: when you see picture Doctors without borders, what do you see?
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