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Mad cow disease on Dutch farm

Horror, especially for the cows … 😔

Screenshot of a newspaper article. 
Title: Mad cow disease found in cow on Dutch farm during routine tests February 1, 2023 
Photo of ow of cows being fed hay behind bars. 

Mad cow disease ,or BSE, has been identified in the body of the agriculture ministry said on Wednesday. cow on a Dutch farm,'
ID incl

A new case of BSE (bovine spongiforme encephalopathie) has been found on a dead cow in the Netherlands.

This is commonly known as ‘mad cow disease’ which is ableist. The cows are not ‘mad’.
A common sign of BSE in cows is incoordination. A sick cow has trouble walking and getting up. A sick cow may also act very nervous or violent, which is why BSE is often called “mad cow disease.”

The last case of BSE in the Netherlands dates from 2011.

Originally posted this on FB page of Crip Humanimal on February 1, 2023.

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