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A threat to the Animal Industrial Complex

Reversed rolls … What if we treat humans the way we treat other animals in ‘containing’ the spread of diseases?
#speciesism #ableism

Millions of badgers, pigs, chickens, cows, mink and other animals are killed, not necessarily because they carry any virus or disease, but because they are suspect and could ‘possibly’ become infected and spread it further. They are an economic threat and dangerous for the profit of the Animal Industrial Complex. It’s cheaper to kill them all and replace them, than try to deal with the disease and care for them.

Think of the killing of mink in the COVID pandemic, pigs /swine flue, cows /BSE and footh and mouth diseases, etc. This is often called ‘culling’ but that is speciesist language. It’s mass ‘killing’. Plain and simple.

Cartoon: Mattcartoonist

Black and white cartoon. Badger holding a shotgun, pointed at a walker who has just crosses a gate into a patch of land, grass and foiliage around, with trees and a tractor in the back. Text beneath: 'I'm sorry, but this is the only way to stop the spread of corona virus'
Reversed rolls … [alt tx included]

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