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Targeted. Docu about Disability Hate Crime

Great documentary about disability hate crime in the UK. With personal stories from several disabled persons being attacked, bullied, shamed …

Green background. 
Title: Targeted: The Truth about Disability Hate Crime. 
Center: photo of small person sitting in arm-chair, smiling, looking at camera - watch-now. 

Britain today is a tough place to be a disabled person. Made by disabled filmmaker Richard Butchins, this film reveals the routine aggression and abuse they face.

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Wed 3 Feb 2021
screenshot of announcement of the docu on the BBC website [alt txt included]

Here is a short clip I made:

➡️➡️ Startscreen: Targeted. The truth about disability hate crime.

➡️➡️ Second screen: There are 14 million disabled people in the UK. One in five of us will be affected by disability at one point in our lives. (Source Leonard Cheshire).

➡️➡️ Third screen: Last year, the police recorded over 8000 disability hate incidents. (Source: CSEW 2019).

Note: further mentionned in the docu, was that disability hate incidents are heavily underreported.

Shown on BBC, January 2021.
Available on the BBCi player.

And on YouTube.

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