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‘Face mask seagull’ in Natural history museum

Statue of stuffed seagull, ‘mondkapmeeuw’ (‘face mask seagull’) in Natural History Museum of Rotterdam.

The Natural History Museum of Rotterdam has a new asset: the ‘face mask seagull’. The stuffed animal with face mask around their leg is ‘a dramatic sign of the times’, as stated in the press release.

The museum collects examples of animals who collide with humans in a peculiar way in their collection ‘dead animals with a story’.
Other examples are the ‘McFlurry-hedgehog’, a hedhehog who became stuch with their head in an McDonald’s icecream, or the ‘dominosparrow’, a sparrow who had to pay with their life for tipping 23.000 dominoes.

(my translation)


[ID: side view dead white/grey seagull lying on back, with a dirty throw away face shield entangled around left. Grey/white background – caption underneath: ‘face mask seagull’]

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