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Animal & Disability Liberation – with Sunaura Taylor – VIDEO

Sunaura Taylor is an artist, writer and activist for disability and animal rights. In this video, Just wondering  explores the central argument of her book, ”Beasts of Burden”, that aims to show how ableism and speciesism are intertwined, working with one another as oppressions. Taylor uses an intersectional perspective to show that often, ableist positions are used to justify speciesist actions. This is why „veganism … is an embodied practice of challenging ableism through what we eat, wear, and use and a political position that takes justice for animals as integral to justice for disabled people”.

00:15 Part I – this fable is not for your inspiration
01:37 Part II – disabled bodies and ableism
04:36 Part III – animal and disability liberation are entangled
08:30 Part IV – cripping animal ethics

[ID: Sketched drawing. Black background. On right: portrait of upper body of Sunaura Taylor smiling, in white lines. Sketches of baby chicks, orange and green around Sunaura’s head. On left: portrait of fox with arthrogryposis, in orange and white lines.  On the left upper side, text: “against ableism & speciesism”]

Description video taken from the YouTube channel of just wondering.

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