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About pills and surgery versus lifestyle

No 😡

These sorts of images are medication shaming, and hurtful to people who rely on medication and surgery to live.

Are there people who rather not change their lifestyle and without much further thought take medication or have surgery? Yes, there are. 
Although in a lot of countries the costs of the therapy alone will surely make you think about it, or even make it inaccessible for you.

But that’s not the point I want to make.

➡️ There are other factors than lifestyle determining one’s health (genetics, environmental factors) so there’s no 1-1 relation.
➡️ Lifestyle changes are not always straightforward or totally possible for everyone.
➡️ Even with lifestyle changes some diseases still require medication or surgery.
➡️ Not all people taking medication or having surgery do so ‘happily’ or without further thought.
I’ve been taking medication for 30 years (I have several auto-immune diseases). It sometimes feels like choosing between pest and cholera, but I know if it wouldn’t be for the medication, I wouldn’t be here.

And shaming people certainly isn’t a good or effective motivator to change their lifestyle.

It also comes as no surprise that the bodies in the cartoon lined up for the ‘pills and surgery’ seem to be larger bodies as well, adding some bodyshaming on top of it.

[ID: Cartoon. Line of people – big bodies – waiting to go to a reception that says ‘Pills and surgery’ on top. There are no people lined up to the desk on the right that has ‘lifestyle changes’ on top. I have covered the cartoon with an angry smiley in the middle. Cartoon shared by Dr Buce Lipton PhD, August 8 2019]

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