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CFBCP: Intersections of Critical Animal Studies and Critical Disability Studies

Call for Book Chapter Proposals

Intersections of Critical Animal Studies and Critical Disability Studies

This edited volume aims to contribute to an emergent body of literature located at the intersection of critical animal studies and critical disability studies. This volume seeks to illuminate innovative ways to theorize and empirically examine the encounters between disabled/non-disabled human and disabled/non-disabled nonhuman animals, while providing a balanced portrait of the different experiences and perspectives of these social actors. This edited volume will be submitted for consideration as part of the Multispecies Encounters series published by Routledge.

The proposed volume will contain 10 to 12 chapters of approximately 20 pages each. Providing for an interdisciplinary view of current work at the intersections of critical animal and disability studies, we welcome submissions from a wide range of academic fields. At this stage, the editors invite book chapter abstracts (250 words maximum) submitted with a tentative title and brief author biography.

Please send abstracts for review by February 15, 2019 in a Word format to: Alan Santinele Martino at and Sarah May Lindsay at
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We expect to have the book proposal submitted to the publisher by February 31, 2019.

Volume Editors:
Dr. Samantha Hurn (University of Exeter)
Alan Santinele Martino (McMaster University)
Sarah May Lindsay (McMaster University)

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