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Ability not Disability. First Issue of Animal Culture magazine

Animal Culture is a new online magazine edited by Patricia Denys, Mary Holmes and Karlie Kawa. The first issue (September 2018) focuses on animals with disabilities. It has articles and photos covering:

  • K9 Carts, a company making carts (wheelchairs) for disabled animals
  • A profile of rescue dog captain Ramen noodle and his adopters, dog Albert, also international adoptions, and baby goat Lawson, who lived at Goats of Anarchy.
  • An interview with Leanne Lauricella, who founded and runs the sanctuary Goats of Anarchy (New Jersey).
  • The work of Animal Aid Unlimited in India, an interview with co-founder Erika Abrams.
  • The story of Pogo, a 3 legged horse, and the work of Helping Horses Alabama, where Pogo now lives.
  • An interview with Derrick Campana, founder of Bionic pets. He makes orthotics and prosthetics for mobility challenged animals.

Next to this, the magazine also features legislative alerts, a visual culture story, a book review, tips for a more humane world and a vegan recipe.

Ability not disability. Exploring options for animals with disabilities. Animal Culture, Vol.1, Issue 1, September 2018. 

This first issue is available for free online.

[Cover of first issue Animal Culture: small dog with white curly hair, mouth open, running forwards, back body strapped in red framed wheelchair]
Other issues from Animal Culture are available for patreon subscribers.
Patreon linkhttps://www.patreon.com/AnimalCultureMagazine

Taken from the Patreon link:

“Animal Culture Magazine aspires to educate, motivate, and celebrate by featuring exclusive and timely interviews with artists, writers, and other animal advocates, along with book reviews, humane education, visual culture information, cruelty-free product reviews, plant-based recipes, and legislative alerts. Our content is original and our interviews are exclusive. Currently the magazine is online and is published bimonthly. As our support grows we will have it available in print form.

Animal Culture addresses head-on the issues that animals confront—such as their lives in shelters and the harsh conditions they face in the food, entertainment, fashion, and research industries. The magazine shines a spotlight on those animals who are hidden, misunderstood, and not listened to—as well as those human beings who are fighting to protect them. ”

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