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“The Special Needs Farm”: Manor Farm Trust (UK)

Video from BBCII! about Manor Farm Trust in Bilsthorpe, Nottinghamshire.
The video shows images from the life on the sanctuary, told by Di Slaney. It features a.o. Dumpy the sheep, Stumble the duck. The sanctuary has an all female handling team.

[Video Image preview: Close up of white sheep, with enlarged under jaw. Frontal view. Trees in the background. Text reads: BBC Three’s Amazing Humans.] 

Video has text and English subtitles.

The caption on Youtube reads:
“The Special Needs Farm | Inspiring Stories
Di Slaney quit her city lifestyle for a dilapidated farm in Nottinghamshire which she turned into a sanctuary for animal outcasts. Di’s family of outcasts include arthritic sheep and partially sighted pigs.”

From the Manor Farm website:
“We provide lifelong sanctuary for livestock in need, particularly elderly, disabled farm animals and those with special behavioural needs. We often take difficult to rehome animals from other rescue charities and offer them loving care and rehabilitation.”


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